How Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) are handled in Scrum

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By Vineet Patni | 19 July 2022





In our Let’s Talk Scrum (LTS) meet-up (11-May-2022) we explored about “How NFR (Non-Functional Requirements) can be handled in Scrum?”


Below are the key points that came out of the short conversation:

– The Product Backlog (PB) in the single source of all the work that could be potentially done to enhance the value of the Product. So all the NFRs must be in the PB to raise transparency.


– “Anything and Everything” that could enhance the product value must be in the Product Backlog. For example, teams training needs, infrastructure upgrade, etc.


– Ordering of the NFRs is also done by the Product Owner (PO) in consultation with the Developers, and considering the overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the product under development.


– There is nothing called “Technical Stories”, or “Non-Functional User Story”. User Stories are placeholder for user/functional requirements only.


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Vineet Patni is the Founder and Principal Agile Coach at ScaleUpAn avid learner and a passionate facilitator, Vineet has been assisting enterprises and individuals in becoming truly Agile. Please feel free to connect with him at 

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